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House Plan



Answers the question:

Where does my home stand regarding current energy efficiency standards? 


How much will a Basic Home Evaluation cost?​

The initial inspection for homes up to 2,500 sqft

$797 +gst

2,500-3,500 sqft

$897 +gst

3,500 sqft+ 

Pricing in line with complexity of the home

EnerGuide Basic Home Evaluation

Our fully-certified home evaluations follow Natural Resources Canada inspection guidelines to ensure completeness, and high-quality results.  


Each Basic Home Evaluation includes:

  • An airtight (Blower Door) test

  • Measuring insulation levels of the walls and attic

  • An assessment of all windows and exterior doors

  • A review of the furnace, A/C, and hot water system

  • A comprehensive report on the energy efficiency of the home


Answers the question: What  should I do first to help my home be more energy efficient? ​

How much will a Renovation Upgrade Report cost?​


There are 2 infections in the Renovation upgrade process (Pre and Post renovation)

The initial inspection for homes up to 2,500 sqft

$797 +gst

2,500-3,500 sqft

$897 +gst

3,500 sqft+ 

Pricing in line with complexity of the home

The post renovation inspection is $100 less than the initial inspection cost.

*Grants may be available to cover most of the cost for both inspections

EnerGuide Renovation Upgrade Report

Each Renovation Upgrade Report begins with a Basic Home Evaluation.  We take it one step further and create a comprehensive review of both the current condition of your home, and the projected condition of your home after upgrades (including a tailored list of specific recommendations.)

Why? - Because, not all upgrades will produce the same result in the unique environment of your home. Knowing which upgrades will produce the best solutions for you and your home is what this report is all about. ​

The Renovation Upgrade Report includes (where applicable):

  • A full Basic Service (including Blower Door test)

  • A breakdown of your Home's current energy usage

  • Energy models showing current heat loss by building component

  • A sample of what your EnerGuide home rating will be after recommended upgrades

  • Customized recommendations and a helpful guide for preparing renovation plans

Note: Homeowner must be present for the evaluation


Answers the question:

How is my future home going to perform in relation to current efficiency targets and regulations?

How much will a Pre-Construction Energy Model Cost?

Pricing will reflect the complexity of the home. Typically between $3,000 and $4,500

Pre-Construction Energy Modelling

We are able to create a virtual energy model of your home to see how much energy can be saved by implementing best practices for energy conservation. This process will help you meet Step Code here in B.C. and the EnerGuide rating for your new home.

In addition to advising the home design process, we work alongside home builders so they can achieve their compliance objectives throughout the construction process. 

A Pre-Construction Energy Model includes:

  • A Virtual Energy Model

  • Plan specific energy consultation in the design process

  • Specific construction process recommendations 


Answers the questions: How airtight is my house?


How is my future home going to perform in relation to current efficiency targets and regulations?


Where is the air leaking out of my house?


Can someone help me stop the leaks?

Construction Blower Door Test

Airtight tests are one of the key instruments in determining the current performance of a home's overall energy efficiency. We use a Blower Door test (a big fan that sits inside a door frame) to discover how much air is leaking into the home.

New homes are required to pass a Blower Door test to meet the Step Code. We are here to help verify those performance targets for builders and home owners alike. 

We highly recommend completing a Blower Door test after insulating the building envelope and installing the air barrier & vapor barrier. Our experience tells us that it is much easier to identify and solve issues before the drywall is installed. 

Our pricing is simple and transparent:

Standard Package: $500

Air Exchanges Per Hour measurement taken - and report provided


Premium Package: $800

ACH + we stay for an extra hour to take another measurement and identify leaks


Airtight Package: $2100

Level Up Team arrives to measure and help construction team plug holes using a smoke pencil, and specialty tapes.