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Next Steps for an EnerGuide Basic Home Evaluation

Your next step is to reach out to Level Up Energy Advisors and book a time that would work best! We will require all parts of your home to be accessible. 

We take into account the exterior and interior of your home. We measure and collect its energy performance in order to calculate your home’s EnerGuide rating.

Our full service calculations that are in line with Natural Resources Canada include:

  1. An airtight assessment of your home, using a Blower Door test

  2. Measurement of the insulation levels of your walls, ceilings and basement

  3. The number, type, and location of all windows and exterior doors

  4. Evaluating your space heating, air conditioning and water heating equipment

  5. Collecting info about any ventilation equipment along with any other information relevant to your home’s energy performance

In order to complete the report we need to also confirm the locations of attic, basement/crawl space access, mechanical equipment, etc. ​

Note: Home Owner must be present for the evaluation.

Each evaluation costs $1 / sqft of the home (excluding garages, patios, and decks which are not included in the calculation)

Financial Report


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