Next Steps for an EnerGuide Renovation Upgrade Report

An EnerGuide Renovation Upgrade Report can be conducted after we have completed a Basic Home Evaluation. Our team will provide a personalized report that will help you move forward toward a more energy efficient home.

Our Report will outline:

  • A list of recommended upgrades

  • A breakdown of your energy usage

  • Before and after models showing heat loss by building component

  • What your EnerGuide home rating will be after recommended upgrades

  • Customized recommendations and a helpful guide for saving energy

Our recommendations will help you decide which upgrades will save you the most energy, while also being economically viable.

These improvements can lead to an increase in the overall comfort in your home, help reduce your utility bills, and make the components if your home last much longer.


This report can come with Fortis & Federal Grant recommendations.

Renovations in Progress


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